Welcome back to our Western Dressage of New Mexico website!

Ready for a Western Dressage party?

Dressage is just the French word for “training”. Happily Western Dressage embraces any breed of horse and any type of western tack you prefer. We just want to enjoy our horses and the journey with them.

Platinum Performance Horses is offering an afternoon to learn more about the sport of Western Dressage. The fun starts at 1 o’clock on Wednesday the 27th of December at the indoor Horse Arena on the fairgrounds. The seminar runs from 1 to 4pm with discussion on rules of Western Dressage and expectations followed by practical application under saddle.  There will be open schooling time in the indoor arena that evening as well. This arena is the one that Western Dressage will be showing in at the fair so it is a chance for you to spend time in it before you show!!

If you would like to bring a horse the cost is only $25 and you will need to RSVP by the 18th. If you would like to audit you will need to bring a hostess gift to Mariah of a Dr. Pepper. And that’s a full octane Dr. Pepper….none of that sugar free stuff!

This will be the perfect chance to get those questions answered all the way from “where do I start” to “I don’t understand how to ride this test”. It will be an informal and informational fun afternoon.

Any further questions or info:  mariah.wilson88@yahoo.com or Nance@avianambassadors.com. If you plan to AUDIT ONLY please send email RSVP by the 18th as well. There is no cost to audit (with the exception of that Dr. Pepper) however… YOU WILL NEED TO BE ON THE GUEST LIST TO GET A PARKING PASS

The WDAA’s new rules have gone into effect on the 1st of December if you are interested in reading what’s new: https://www.usef.org/forms-pubs/NpmAWxkXY6M/wd-western-dressage

Harmony plays a major part in riding western dressage and it is now acknowledged in the rules.

Just back from the meetings with the State Fair staff and Western Dressage will be an event again in 2018!! The aim is for Wednesday September the 12th. GREAT news is that the shows will be starting at 9AM in the morning. For those of you riding in breed shows as well as Western Dressage an all-day-inclusive fee will be offered for the first time!

WDAA Western Dressage tests can be found online. Here is the link to the tests:


Also, if you want to buy the books here is the link for that:



If you are interested in showing horses in and around New Mexico check out www.MayTheHorseBeWithYou.net and the calendar there.