Welcome back to our Western Dressage of New Mexico website!

The WDAA has announced that its 2019 World Show will be adding another day so that all tests in each level will be offered. There will still be a whole day of rail classes for equitation and suitability. They also announced that the World Show will be held at the Lazy E in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Where else could we get all four rings under cover?

Also a quick note that I will follow up on for you: The NM Arabs are offering 4 WDAA recognized shows next year. NMDA is also offering a WDAA recognized show next year. That’s 5 chances to get WDAA points without leaving our state. Many thanks in advance to those folks that are working so hard for Western Dressage!

To find Western Dressage shows go to the calendar at MayTheHorseBeWithYou.com to find information on the shows in both New Mexico and Colorado!

The WDAA’s new rules went into effect on the 1st of December if you are interested in reading what’s new: https://www.usef.org/forms-pubs/NpmAWxkXY6M/wd-western-dressage

Harmony plays a major part in riding western dressage and it is now acknowledged in the rules.

WDAA Western Dressage tests can be found online. Here is the link to the tests:


Also, if you want to buy the books here is the link for that:


 If you are interested in showing horses in and around New Mexico check out www.MayTheHorseBeWithYou.com and the calendar there.